Universities Respond To Buffalo Project

In our efforts to stand up for Canadian oil and gas, the Buffalo Project Board wrote a series of letters to western Canadian universities regarding their activist professors asking the federal government to NOT support the industry during COVID-19. 

Now, more than ever, we need to support our oil and gas sector.

See below for Buffalo Project’s letters and responses from the universities.

Buffalo project’s letter to UofA:
Letter to UofA

UofA response:
UofA Response

Buffalo Project’s Letter to UofL:
Letter to UofL

UofL Response:
UofL Response

Buffalo Project’s Letter to UofR:
Letter to UofR

UofR Response:
UofR Response


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Alberta and Saskatchewan need...

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Are you kidding me?

  • 69% of Canadians say our country is broken
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan report unprecedented levels of alienation
  • $150 BILLION worth of energy projects have been recently shelved
  • Canada has the worst GDP growth per capita in the G7 since 2014
  • Activists are successfully shutting down our parts of our economy

How are we wrong?

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