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About the Buffalo Project

The Buffalo Project was created in 2018 by a small number of Western Canadians very concerned about the future of our country and the growing storm clouds on the horizon.

Tragically, we have seen these concerns materialize as Canada faces a growing number of serious economic crises most evident in Alberta and Saskatchewan but destined to spread to challenges across Canada.

The mission and vision of The Buffalo Project transcends politics and political parties. Through hard work and strong values over the last 115 years, Alberta and Saskatchewan has prospered for the most part. However, their grievances and frustrations remain unaddressed, which has become a serious threat to our nation.

Alberta and Saskatchewan were intended to be one province, called Buffalo. However, Prime Minister Laurier divided the region in two to ensure a larger province did not challenge the provinces in the east.

Canada now sits at a crossroads and the path taken in this season will have a significant impact on many future generations’ quality of life. The Buffalo Project is dedicated to showing the importance of western Canada to all Canadians based on facts and not generations of misconceptions or indifference. 

The Buffalo Project’s mission is to bring about positive, sustainable change by providing a better understanding of Alberta and Saskatchewan to all Canadians through respectful but forceful messaging and conversations. 

We also fund aligned groups and activities to educate voters and bring about lasting change for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

A “New Deal for the West” is now required to address long-standing inequalities and to allow our industries and communities to survive.

The time is long overdue to demand attention to the long festering, unaddressed inequities among regions of Canada, particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan.  

All Canadians need to participate in a “nation building” conversation and become invested in driving actions to keep Canada strong and best able to meet the economic needs of all Canadians.

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Alberta and Saskatchewan need...

Ⓒ 2020 - Buffalo Project

Are you kidding me?

  • 69% of Canadians say our country is broken
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan report unprecedented levels of alienation
  • $150 BILLION worth of energy projects have been recently shelved
  • Canada has the worst GDP growth per capita in the G7 since 2014
  • Activists are successfully shutting down our parts of our economy

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